Digi-Tribe Communications



Who we are

Digi-Tribe Communications is a team of corporate communications experts specializing in strategic planning, media relations, issues management and online brand building. We work with a network of seasoned professionals with specific areas of expertise, so our clients get the best skills available without the high overhead. Leading the Digi-Tribe team are Kenneth Gansel and Karen Gansel, two accomplished IT Leaders and PR specialists who create compelling story lines for clients that resonate with audiences, shape opinions and build relationships.

Digi-Tribe Communications has more than 44 years of experience in major integrated system development and application development. Started in 1993 to create custom website content development for both the Public and Private sectors.

Digi-Tribe Communications is uniquely positioned to help you and your company meet the information technology challenges and be part of your total information technology solutions.

We are in business to provide the widest possible business solutions and the best in computer technology, networking services and digital media creation (from stills to video), Digi-Tribe Communications can deliver.

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